In order to know well the customs and traditions of any nation, we must first turn to its folk art. By the art definition of  M. Gorky, it is a mirror of the soul. Thus, the attitude of the Turkmen people to the horse is also briefly, but volumetrically, reflected in the proverb: “Get up in the morning, see your father, and after – the horse.” In this summary, a part of the centuries-old traditions of our people, the role of a faithful friend in the life of a person is described in volume.

It is noteworthy that even today such an attitude towards national pride – the Akhal-Teke horse is preserved and the traditions associated with it are multiplied. In the years of independence, the increase in the number and preservation of purebred breeds became an important public matter. In the capital, velayat centers, the construction of new equestrian complexes has allowed the revival of the ancient traditions of the Turkmen people. And solemn events on the day of the Turkmen horse, which is celebrated annually, have become a tribute to the national traditions and evidence of the love with our country for their four-footed friend. This day became a real holiday in our velayat too.

Horse races, organized on this day at the equestrian complex, are of particular interest to riders and spectators. After all, the riders of the heavenly horses fought for the main money prize, which is a good incentive to improve the skills of the riders and prepare the horses for the competition. Among the horses of the Lebap branch of the Mary horse breeding complex, there are horses, which belong to enterprises and institutions, as well as private, took part in them.

Special expositions exhibited in the local history museum, an exhibition of books in the velayat library attracted the attention of visitors to these cultural institutions with a wealth of materials telling about the long traditions of the Turkmen people associated with horse breeding. Paintings, written by both professional artists and students of the Lebap Art School, were notable for their special colorful colors and the commitment of their authors to emphasize national peculiarities.

The current race day showed that in spite of that we live in the age of digital technology, interest in four-legged friend of man in our country is high.