45 tons of tomatoes were exported to the Russian Federation from the greenhouse located in the city of Sakar in the Sayat etrap of the Lebap velayat.

The greenhouse belongs to the entrepreneur Dovlet Khojamuradov and it occupies 1.6 hectares of area. It grows tomato varieties “Bandita”. All processes are managed using modern technologies. Coconut crusts are used instead of soil. Watering, feeding fertilizers, adjusting the required temperature in the greenhouse and other operations are performed using a computer with special software. The Foundation of the first harvest was laid here in September last year. It is expected that they will bear fruit until June of this year. During this period, it is planned to receive 250 tons of tomatoes. Its main part is sold in the domestic market. Greenhouse tomatoes do not linger on the shelves of stores and markets for a long time.

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