In two months of 2020, entrepreneurs of Lebap velat built and commissioned three objects.

They built a greenhouse in the Sayat etrap, a refrigerator barn in the city of Turkmenabat and a factory for the production of ceramic bricks in the Chardzhou etrap. As a result, 50 new jobs were created.

The role of the private sector in the economy of Turkmenistan is growing. If more than 10 years ago, excluding the oil and gas sector, the share of entrepreneurs in domestic production was only 2 percent, now this figure has exceeded 65 percent. Lebap entrepreneurs also make a significant contribution to this. In two months of this year, they carried out construction and installation works for 32 million 582 thousand manats. During the same period, financial investments of more than 4 million 584 thousand manats were disbursed. The total cost of manufactured industrial and construction products exceeded 4 million 400 thousand manats. This figure in the areas of trade and services exceeded 95 million 296.5 thousand manats.

Entrepreneurs are increasingly directing their activities to the production of import-substituting goods. The list of exported products is also growing.

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