Football for life

…He went out for a memorable photo on the football field of a modern sports complex in Turkmenabat in the presented personal form under the number “77”. And these two identical numbers indicated how old this precocious, gray-haired man was on a clear July day. Namely Yuri Lastuchina, whose name resounded in many stadiums outside of Turkmenistan in the sixties of the last century. Its owner was included in the youth national team of Turkmenistan at the age of 16. Later, the capable striker was invited to the Ashgabat” Builder”, which played in the first League of the class” A ” of the Union championship. By the way, when Kurban Berdyev arrived in Turkmenabat last autumn and met with him in the velayat sports Committee, two former players of the now legendary team of the sixties and seventies had something to remember…
And most of all matches Yuri Lastuhin was held for the “Irrigator” of his native city on the Amu Darya. This team was part of the class ” B ” zone of Central Asia and Kazakhstan of the USSR championship. Surprisingly, Yuri Lastuhin, being of small stature, however, played a Central striker. The lack of physical condition for this role, he compensated with speed, technique and a set kick with both feet. If you add to these valuable qualities and excellent scoring flair, you can understand how he managed to score 38 goals in one season and become one of the 33 best players in his zone.
Hanging his boots on a nail, the former striker coached children’s and adult teams from Turkmenabat, leading them to high places in his velayat and in the country. And now the veteran is aware of all the football news, you can see him in the stands of stadiums, especially, there is someone to support. After all, their son Alexander Slastukhin and his wife Svetlana Ivanovna followed in their father’s footsteps, played in the masters team and has been successfully working as a coach for a quarter of a century. Suffice it to say that this spring, together with Timur Khusainov, he led the Lebap boys born in 2002 to a third consecutive victory in the championship of Turkmenistan.
Yuri Ivanovich’s grandson, named Ivan, also connected his life with sports. He graduated from the Russian University of physical culture, sports and tourism, and teaches physical education in Moscow at the International secondary school No. 1.
– Thanks to the tireless care of the respected President for the health of the people and the preparation of a strong spirit and body of the younger generation, all conditions for physical culture and sports have been created in our country, – says Yuri Slastukhin. – Only in my native Turkmenabat, in the era of power and happiness, a modern sports complex with a stadium for 10 thousand seats and 9 sports schools was built, and the demirelchi and Chemichchi stadiums were reconstructed. We only need to effectively use such infrastructure, develop mass football, find and train players who can adequately defend the honor of our independent neutral state on the international stage…

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