Residents of the Koytendag etrap of the Lebap velayat Babanyyaz Emirov and Babamyrat Shaikulov were granted preferential Bank loans.

Entrepreneurs used funds allocated by the Garlyk settlement branch of the state commercial Bank, “Turkmenbashi”, to purchase purebred sheep. They used to raise Hissar sheep of the Karakul genotype. Growing commercial animal species is useful for increasing the country’s own food production. According to entrepreneurs, the weight of a three-month-old lamb of these pedigreed animals reaches 25-30 kilograms, sheep-up to 75, and rams-up to 80-90 kilograms. They say the preferential funds allocated by the Bank for the purchase of pedigreed sheep have become a significant support in their business activities, and this will allow them to make a worthy contribution to the production of livestock products in the country.

According to the Decree Of the President of Turkmenistan “on state support for small and medium-sized businesses”, entrepreneurs, individual enterprises, farms and tenants engaged in production are granted a long-term Bank loan with an annual rate of 5 percent.

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