“Engish” the beginning of the online sale of shirts

A number of products that can be ordered on the Internet have been added to shirts produced by the clothing factory “Engish”(“Victory”). Shirts of different sizes with a cost from 61 to 120 manats can be ordered on the official website of the factory www.yenish.com.tm
It is very easy to buy cheap and high-quality shirts over the Internet. To do this, you need to upload your selected products to the shopping cart and order them. If you live in Ashgabat, your order will be delivered to you on the same day. If you live in velayats, the order will be delivered to your house in three days at the latest.
Sewing factory “Engish” the delivery of goods is conducted through the fast delivery service of “Thereof”. The cost of the delivery service will not exceed 20 manats. If the cost of your order is 1000 manats or more, the delivery will be free of charge.

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