In the administrative center of Lebap velayat on the square, where the banner of the Motherland flutters on a high flagpole, in an atmosphere of special enthusiasm and solemnity, an event was held dedicated to the double holiday – Constitution Day and the Day of the National Flag.

Fluttering panels of green banners, music and songs, iridescent colors of fragrant flowers and smiles of people gathered in the square – all this created a festive atmosphere here from early morning.

 The festive event is opened by the velayat khyakim, who congratulated the participants on the Day of the Constitution and the State Flag.

All those who spoke at the solemn event noted that today our independent country under the wise guidance of the Honorable President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, relying on the country’s Basic Law, which recognizes a person as the main value of society and the state, achieves unprecedented success in all spheres of the national economy under proudly green.

Today, the widely celebrated National Day, symbolically uniting the day of adoption of the Basic Law of the country and honoring the sacred Banner, vividly demonstrates the inviolable cohesion of the Turkmen people, their continued adherence to the ideals of peace, humanism and creation.

The celebration ended with a festive concert, where bright numbers presented to the audience both famous singers and musicians, as well as renowned dance groups of the velayat.

The solemn events dedicated to the double holiday – the Day of the Constitution and the National Flag will continue in all cities and villages of the velayat.

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