Demanding dad or the child’s achievement !

So, good motivation is needed to achieve certain success. A motivated person will strive to achieve a goal. But how to be motivated and define a goal ?.
Starting from school age, a demanding teacher or parental actions can be a good motivating factor. An exemplary and at the same time demanding father for a child can become a generator of his success. Each of us needs an advisor, a person who support and moves us forward.
Speaking about this, I want to enlighten the story of a success dad or the achievements of his son (let it go yourself).
Recently, on the 8th of the month of December 2020, the International Mathematics Olympiad among students of universities from different countries was held via the Internet via the online channel. Students from 24 countries took part in it. The organizer of the Olympiad was the state of Israel, namely the Ariel University of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.



Among the mathematicians of the Olympiad, the leader was a resident of the small town of Buynuzyn of the Danew etrap of the Lebap velayat, Merdan Shemiyew, who is a student of the State Agricultural University of Turkmenistan.
Merdan Shemiyew from an early age was diligently engaged in mathematics and during his school years he distinguished himself from other students, took first places in the Olympiads. However, this winner is motivated by his father Bayram Shemiyew, who was diligently involved in raising his children.
It was interesting to learn the regime and the methods of his upbringing. So we talked to him where he said that in his son’s school years, he did not let him distracted by all kinds of computer games and forced him to attend additional classes, having previously agreed with qualified teachers.
It is important to note the today’s achievements of the son are the result of the work of his father and the teachers who worked with him. And today his entire region is proud of his achievements.
Everyone is born with the privilege of being definite, but 98 out of 100 people lose this privilege by sleeping on it. The privilege of definiteness can be maintained only by adopting it as a policy by which one guided in all the affairs of life.
You need to persisit in achieving the goal. How it was done the Shemiyev family from town of Boynuzyn, Lebap velayat.
By the way B.Shemiyew pointed out four simple steps wich lead to the habit of persistence:
• a definite purpose backed by burning desire for its fulfillment;
• a definite plan expressed in continuous action;
• a mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances;
• A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage following through both plan and purpose.

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