Cyclocross was held in the city of Turkmenabat.

Representatives of various sectors of the economy, employees of the system of science, education and culture, students of higher, secondary and primary special educational institutions took part in mass sports competitions in cyclocross and running, held under the motto “2020 – “Turkmenistan is the homeland of Neutrality”: with “Paradise” horses following the principles of a healthy lifestyle”.

The competition was launched on the road bridge over the Amu Darya. Bicyclists, passing by the monument “silk road”, entered the velayat center. After a while, they continued their way along Bitarap Turkmenistan street and, having reached the sports school, turned back, and completed the cross at the sports complex of the city, having made the way 20 kilometers.

Then the long-distance running competitions began, where the athletes of the Lebap velayat showed their skills.

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