The farms of the Lebap velayat have started sowing cotton. After a seminar-meeting held in one of the fields of the Vatan peasant Association of the Chardzhou etrap, the equipment entered the field with the blessing of the elders.

At the seminar-meeting, we discussed the preparation of the soil for sowing, rational use of equipment, compliance with the requirements of agricultural machinery and other issues.

All the equipment that will be involved in sowing was repaired at the etrap maintenance enterprises of the production Association of agriculture of the Lubap velayat. In addition, the current season received point seeders brand “Monosem NG Plus 4”. They were tested on the fields of Turkmenistan last season and showed a good side in the climatic conditions of the country. This seeder puts in the necessary depth at a certain precise distance and compacts the soil. It follows the terrain exactly, which creates a favorable condition for the germination of all seeds.

This season, 130 thousand hectares of cotton are planned to be sown in the Lebap velayat.

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