By the beginning of this year, the balances in the Bank cards of residents of the Lebap velayat amounted to 361 million manats. This is reported by the newspaper “Turkmen gundogary”.Most of the savings in non-cash form are kept by residents of the city of Turkmenabat. Their total Bank card balances reached 130 million manats. This figure in the Denau etrap is 40 million, in the Sayat etrap — 30 million, and in the Kugitan etrap — 25 million manats. These indicators indicate that the population is gaining confidence in the banking system.

Banks in Turkmenistan are working purposefully to encourage people to store surplus funds in banking institutions. They are offered various types of deposits. The growth in the number of people using it has opened up wide opportunities for normalization of money turnover. As a result, the number of non-cash payments is growing, and people are using their money more effectively.It is also noted that keeping the population of their money in banks has expanded the possibility of issuing loans at low interest rates.

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