Students of the Turkmen state pedagogical Institute named after Seyitnazar Seydi and The Turkmen national Institute of world languages named after Azadi participated in the online lesson.

This was made possible by the development of Internet services and their widespread use in the education system. The lesson, organized by teachers of English language and literature of two higher educational institutions, opened up opportunities to share their accumulated experience in teaching English, improving the skills of applying their knowledge to students in real conditions.

Turkmenistan is working purposefully to improve the quality of knowledge at all levels of education. Implementation of the “Concept of improving foreign language teaching in Turkmenistan” is one of the directions of this activity. Children in kindergarten are taught English and Russian on a par with Turkmen, which continues in secondary school. In addition, there are schools that teach French, German, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. These languages are also taught in several schools of the Lebap velayat.

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