The production of lime spar (calcite) with an annual capacity of 500 tons will be launched in Turkmenistan. A proposal to establish production on the basis of a building materials enterprise located in the city of Magdanly of the Lebap velayat was submitted for consideration by the head of state at a government meeting, the State News Agency reports.

The Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan is taking measures to establish calcite production. High quality mineral – calcite is obtained as a result of experimental work. The release of this product will allow Turkmen builders to completely abandon their imported counterparts and in the future, on its basis, produce various types of domestic paints, drywall and other non-metallic building materials.

In this regard, the President of Turkmenistan noted that the strategic sector was set before the industrial sector to create innovative processing enterprises, including joint enterprises, to increase the volume and range of building materials produced on the basis of local raw materials, to train highly qualified specialists for the industry, to attract investments into it – to a prime minister a number of instructions on this account.

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