Boxes of cotton began to open in Turkmenistan

The first opened boxes of cotton began to appear in the cotton fields of Turkmenistan. The newspaper “Türkmenistan” writes about this on the example of the Lebap velayat.
Therefore, farmers spend from early morning to evening in the fields. Because, despite the fact that the first opened boxes appeared, there are still a lot of boxes on the cotton fields at the stage of formation. And they require constant care.
This year, the Use of a MONOSEM NG Plus 4 seeder with a telematics control system in cotton sowing has saved cotton growers from weeding. Because a point seeder throws out seeds at a certain distance. As a result, during sowing, up to one hundred kilograms of seeds are saved on each hectare.
Now cotton growers are faced with the task, relying on the help of technology, to collect the grown crop with the help of cotton harvesters without losses and in time. For this purpose, etrap maintenance companies have delivered more than 200 cotton harvesters to the line of readiness. 1,400 cars and other equipment will be used to transport the harvest collected by them and cotton growers. 11 cotton gins located in different etraps of the velayat are also ready to accept the new crop for processing without interruption.

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