An abundance of vegetables and fruits is created

The industrial Association of agriculture “Mive” is working purposefully to provide the population with fruits, vegetables and melons.
The presence of two refrigerated barns in the Association allows providing retail outlets with fresh vegetables, fruits and melons throughout the year. One of them is designed to store 1000 tons, the other-3000 tons of products. Currently, they have accumulated a total of about 1,700 tons of potatoes, 140 tons of onions, about 60 tons of beets, more than 60 tons of watermelon, 2.5 tons of cucumbers, more than 10 tons of cabbage.
The industrial Association of agriculture concluded direct contracts with tenants for the preparation of potatoes and onions. Currently, there are 266 tenants who work in accordance with contracts for the preparation of potatoes, and 172 tenants who work for onions. Contracts for the production of other types of vegetables, fruits and melons have been signed with 140 peasant associations and farms.

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