A peasant woman from Turkmenistan has grown a huge watermelon

Gulzada Allaberenova, a tenant of the peasant Association “Vatan” of The deynau etrap of the Lebap velayat, together with her husband Khalmyrad Huseyinov, grew a huge watermelon measuring 23 kilograms.
The head of the family works as a machine operator, Gulzada rents land from the peasant Association, where he grows cotton and wheat. Since 2011, the couple has also been growing melons. They have repeatedly become winners in velayat and state competitions among melons in the category of the largest melon, as evidenced by diplomas. The largest watermelon that Gulzada and Halmyrat received was 25 kilograms in weight.
This year, the family sowed 0.5 hectares of watermelon, the same area-different varieties of melon. They send the fresh crop to retail outlets.
― Growing huge watermelons has become our hobby. To do this, we leave only one fruit in one Bush, but we do not give extra fertilizer, ” says Gulzada.
This year, the family’s garden has grown a paired melon.

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