A Gazelle on-Board car-a gift from President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov-arrived at the Turkmenabat mosque, which was recently inaugurated.

Last Friday, on the opening day of the mosque, the head of state donated a Toyota Camry car and a Hiace minibus to the mosque, as well as Holy Muslim relics.

Now GAZelle has joined their ranks. The car was met by religious representatives, respected elders, and gray-haired mothers. According to the established tradition, women threw handfuls of flour on the windshield of the car, surrounded it with a bowl from the lit sacred plant yuzerlik, and tied Aladja – a woven multi-colored thread-amulet on the steering wheel.

According to the Imam of the mosque, honored elder of Turkmenistan Eresh Talypov, transport will serve people who come to the mosque. And the on-Board car is useful in economic Affairs.

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