The autumnal shearing of sheep began

 In the livestock farms of the agricultural association velayat began the autumn shearing of sheep. This important work was entrusted to experienced specialists.

  Livestock breeders were well prepared for the autumn sheep shearing. They chose convenient places for these works in Karakum, Kyzylkum and foothills. This season, more than two hundred and eighty-one thousand nine hundred and eighty sheep will be cut. Livestock breeders intend to get more than two hundred and twenty-five thousand tons of wool from them. In order to carry out this important event in a timely manner, additional equipment and necessary equipment were delivered to livestock farmers. As a result, ringers perform work one and a half times the daily norm. In this work, the workers of livestock farms “Amu Darya,” “Tallimerjen” Dovletlinsky, “Dagly” and “Koitendag” Koytendag Etraps are particularly different.